RE class learns about Micro Loans - Fall 2009

Susan Brinckerhoff explains the project:

On Sunday my sixth and seventh grade class was talking about Happiness and had a list of aphorisms that I had printed out of the computer. In one of them there was a quote: ‘Who is my neighbor’. When one person read that out loud, I asked the class if they knew where that came from and if they knew what it was about…well…we got into a discussion about the ‘good Samaritan.’ This, of course, led me to think about Guest at Your Table and microloans. Microloans are nothing really new. Today, however, they are a way that people all over the world are connecting with each other and trying to do something to alleviate the crushing poverty so many people face. There are lots of websites that can explain how microloans work. The Class is going to take out a ‘microloan’ and try to raise some money for the UUSC – which, among other projects, provides microloans in some countries. We will be selling Barnstable UU Bean Soup beans – with assorted recipes for turning them into delicious soup – at coffee hour today and next Sunday, November 29 – and at the Holiday Fair.

Please support our efforts.”

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