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w commUCB is a Unitarian Universalist Congregation and, along with all other Unitarian Universalist churches and fellowships, is governed by its congregation. There is no external hierarchy, synod, council, or association which dictates to the congregation. The affairs of the church, activities, finances, governance, ministry, projects, and programs are determined by the active members of the congregation. View the structure of our church community (PDF 69kb).

Governing Board
Formerly known as The Prudential Committee, its seven members are elected by and from the active members of the church. The Board manages and protects all funds and property of the church, appoints committee chairs, and generally oversees the operations of the church.

Parish Council
The Parish Council coordinates and supports the activities of the Church’s on-going ministry. It is also the forum for the development of new initiatives. It is comprised of committees grouped into six coalitions: Communications, Faith Development, Programs, Social/Environmental Justice, Membership, and Worship. Its members are the Minister, a representative from each coalition, and 2 at-large members. The Council has a budgeted amount of money to allocate to committees for their work on behalf of our ministry.

The Parish Council reports to the Governing Board. The Council sets up its own procedures, and meets once a month. At these meetings, committee coalitions interact to assure communication and unity of direction throughout the church. The Parish Council reports its activities and general plans to the Congregation.

Archive Committee
The Archive Committee meets weekly with a mission to collect, organize, preserve, and share: records, documents, photographs and other items that provide information and insight regarding the rich history of our church as well as documentation of contemporary activities.

Arts Committee
The UCB Arts Committee sponsors art exhibits in Warren Hall as well as contributing to the aesthetics throughout our church. Learn more »

Boutique Group
This is a group of creative and industrious people who meet Friday mornings in Warren Hall and spend a few hours each week making handcrafted items for sale at our Holiday Fair. Members share their talents and expertise along with coffee, brown bag lunches, and soup from the neighborhood grocery. Of course, there’s a group of regulars, but they welcome newcomers to their friendly circle.

Building and Operations Committee
The BOC is primarily responsible for the maintenance of the church building to assure it is structurally sound and see that all systems are in working order to keep the church running smoothly and to prioritize those repairs and take the necessary action. The chair of the BOC works with the Finance Committee in developing a Capital Projects budget for the following year.  If you like doing, please join us because there is plenty to do.  

Caring Committee
The Caring Committee helps extend the pastoral outreach and work of the Minister by offering care and support to members of our church community. Working closely with the Minister, they make telephone calls and send cards to members who are ill or have lost loved ones. Home, hospital and nursing home visits may be made when appropriate.

Committee on Ministry
The Committee on Ministry strengthens the quality of ministry at UCB. Learn more »

Flower Committee
The flower committee provides a floral arrangement for the sanctuary each Sunday and also decorates the church for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. The flowers are usually in memory of a person or in honor of an event and are paid for by folks that request them.

Green Sanctuary
Information about Green Sanctuary can be found under Social Outreach »

Unitarian Universalism is a caring, open-minded religion that encourages its members to seek their own spiritual paths. Our faith draws on many religious traditions, welcoming people with different beliefs. We are united by shared values, not by creed or dogma. Our church is a place where people gather in friendship to nurture their spirits and put their faith into action. We unite to be a community of worship where all are accepted to:

Anyone interested in Unitarian Universalism is welcome to attend our Sunday service each week at 10:30 am at 3330 Main St. (Route 6A) in Barnstable Village. For additional information contact us at mbr-comm @

Religious Education
The RE Team works with the Minister and the Director of Religious Education to develop programs that reflect the values of the congregation and the church school parents, as well as the philosophy of Unitarian Universalism. Learn more under Children and Youth »

Safety Team
The Safety Team has one mission and that is to keep the congregation safe while in the church building. The mission includes preparing fire drills, supplying medical kits (First Aid, Trauma), providing trainings in CPR and the use of the AED, and preparing for the possibility of a person wanting to harm us. Please read the UCB safety plan prepared in 2020, updated as needed and adopted by the Governing Board in 2021. Also, you may sign up as a volunteer Safety Monitor.

Small Group Ministry
Information about the Small Group Ministry can be found under Worship »

Social Justice
Provides a forum for people to find support and encouragement to make positive, sustainable differences in the lives of the people and creatures that share our space on this planet. We support and often work collaboratively with other church committees and outside organizations that share common interests. More information can be found under Social Outreach and by directly linking to the Social Justice Committee » .

Welcoming Congregation
Information about Welcoming Congregation can be found under Social Outreach »

Information about WomanSpirit »

Worship Committee
Information about the Worship Committee can be found under Worship »


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